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What’s great about this place?

“I was initially attracted to Prairie Berry because of the Winery’s stellar reputation and location. Prairie Berry was well known for producing an excellent local product and offering exceptional guest services. I love many aspects of my job, but mostly I enjoy assisting and chatting with our wonderful customers, sharing information about our products and our heritage.

It is also a sincere joy being part of the Prairie Berry family and being surrounded by so many passionate and dedicated co-workers. It is an added bonus, working for a company that strives to balance the needs of the company and family! As the company and campus continues to grow, it maintains a small company feel. Prairie Berry offers a most unique working environment, offering so many opportunities to learn and grow…and, having fun why doing so!” ~ Karen W., Shipping Lead

“I was a fan long before I was an employee. I was attracted to the atmosphere, the story and the feeling of the place. I knew it was the type of business I wanted to work for.

I love coming to work; I am challenged, I am valued and I get to work with an unbelievably talented group of individuals. I believe in our products, our values and our mission and that makes the hard work all the more worth it.”~ Angela A., Direct to Consumer Manager; Hospitality Manager

Our Values

At Prairie Berry we’re committed to quality, authenticity, learning, growth and innovation. We’ve learned that an attitude of gratitude and humbleness makes our business better. We work as a team, cheering each other on, creating fun and making laughter part of every day. We know success is not about today. We strive to make decisions that will brighten the future, not just of Prairie Berry, but of nature and the world. Ultimately, our success depends on balance. We strive for balance in nature and in meeting the needs of the company, co-workers and family.