The Gen5 Story

Our Winemaker Sandi Vojta has been pushing the limits in the wine industry for more than a decade. As a fifth generation winemaker, you could say winemaking is in her blood.

“I view the world through fermentation colored glasses. I love the analogy of fermentation being similar to art. As a winemaker, I get to choose the media, whether it’s grapes, chokecherries, or a blend of the two and I’m always adding new paints to my palette,” says Sandi. “Sharing the best of those creations with our Gen5 members is the ultimate reward.”

In 1876 after emigrating from Czechoslovakia, Sandi’s Great-Great-Grandma Anna Pesä first made wine in South Dakota from the prairie berries she found growing on the family’s homestead. Those winemaking traditions were passed down through the generations to Sandi’s dad and, finally, to Sandi.




Today, Sandi continues the tradition and pays homage to her heritage, handcrafting award-winning wines that are often inspired by old family recipes.

We invite you to join the Gen5 family and to follow along on Sandi’s winemaking journey through the exclusive quarterly packs that she hand-selects for our Gen5 members. We hope, as a Gen5 member, you’ll welcome our wines into your traditions and celebrations with friends and family.