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Fruit Sourcing


Growers will make substantial investments in their crops. In this part of the country that’s mostly rhubarb, currants and hybrid grapes. If you have established crops, please contact us to find out if they’re something we can use. If you’re thinking of getting started in the business, we’d love to provide some information that might be helpful when you’re ready to market your crops.


  • Please contact us prior to picking fruit for us, so we can help make sure the fruit you pick meets our needs.
  • Pickers find wild fruit and bring it to us. These are mostly uncultivated fruits, like chokecherries, wild plums, river grapes and buffaloberries. For efficiency sake, we try to deal only with pickers who can provide hundreds of pounds of fruit per visit.
  • We buy fruit when it’s ready. Our standards dictate that the fruit be ripe when we receive it. Because of the volumes and perishability we prefer it to be frozen when delivered (hybrid grapes are delivered fresh.)
  • Fruit needs to be clean and virtually free of leaves, stems, overripe, underipe or damaged fruit, and other objectionable materials. Fruit should NOT be washed.
  • For safety sake, we track the county and state of orgin, when it was picked and by whom. We will supply bags and tags to assist with this.
  • We sample, inspect, weigh, and pay at a pre-determined location. Deliveries must be confirmed in advance.
  • We have guidelines to assure cleanliness, including picker hygiene, harvesting and handling, and care during transport and delivery.
  • The price we pay depends on the the type of fruit, quality, availability and quantity you can provide. Please call for current pricing.