John Stolle & Sturgis Honey

Sturgis, S.D. — 42 miles from Hill City

For John Stolle, honey is more than a business. The beekeeper has been producing honey in Western South Dakota for nearly 20 years.

His couple million bees are his partners. John’s first priority is his bees’ health.

He harvests only the honey that the bees produce in excess of their needs, leaving them enough of the honey for their own uses.

John and his dad run the honey business together, moving the hives, caring for the bees and harvesting and processing the honey and wax.

The bees have access to the open fields of clover, alfalfa and wildflowers that surround Bear Butte in Western South Dakota and have never known an herbicide or insecticide.

Honey is a natural food, and John Stolle produces it naturally.

So when we put it in our Raspberry Honeywine, you know it’ll be naturally delicious.